How to be an Up-Stander with Yoga

Yoga teaches kids who are not targets of bullying to help victims by being confident bystanders. See Can Yoga Prevent Bullying?  Part 1. Here are three things by-standers can do to become up-standers and help a victim: 

  1. Move your body toward the victim – just that physical presence sends a message the victim is not alone. 
  2. Say something to change the subject, like “Wow, I have so much homework in <class>, how about you?” or “Have you played <game> lately?” 
  3. Stand up to the bully saying, “Hey, that’s not okay. Let’s go.” and walk away with the victim.

We wonder if all kids did yoga, perhaps one day there would be no bullies?!  No one would have a reason to bully. 

Kids would feel empowered in their own lives.

Imagine that.

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