Yoga Off the Mat: (Part 2 of 2)

What are Niyamas?  

In addition to movement and meditations, Yoga includes lessons “off the mat.”  Traditionally, the Yoga virtues are divided into two categories, Yamas (how you relate to the world) and Niyamas (how you relate to yourself). These ideas have been modified and translated into “kid-friendly” terms.

has to do with self-discipline and spiritual observances. Regularly attending temple or church services, saying grace before meals, developing your own personal meditation practices, or making a habit of taking nature walks are all examples of niyamas in practice. The five kid-friendly niyamas are:

  1. Discipline to care for self/Self-Esteem
  2. Moderation/Patience/Gratitude
  3. Self-Love/Faith/Compassion 
  4. Concentration/Self-Study/Observation
  5. Connect to True Self/Inner Wisdom

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