It’s Yoga Kids® Impact at School

Yesterday, I received this message from a newly trained It’s Yoga Kids® Certification graduate, Lisa L.: 

“All is going fantastic just extremely busy…I have been utilizing the It's Yoga Kids® model since returning from training daily and I am getting such a phenomenal response from parents, kids and administrators I am working with. I even had the superintendent hear of what I was doing with the kids and came to sit in one of my group sessions. It has been fantastic!

Parents are coming to me asking me what I am doing with their kids as it is having such an impact. Same with teachers. Now, all my teachers are coming to me asking me to do sessions with their classes. It is so great!!! I have been doing groups starting with IYK movement, adding a socio-emotional lesson and then ending with a rest meditation. It has been having such a positive effect on our school climate. I tell you, Michelle, you have an amazing program!  Can't wait to collaborate further!”

Messages like these warm my heart.  It helps us reach our goal to ensure that these  proven practices for wellness, reach every kid, in every classroom, in every school! 

Thank you Lisa, for being leader for our cause.  

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