Yoga for COVID-19

Hold the pose. Breathe. Keep your composure. That was the mantra in my adult Yoga class the before the Shelter in Place/Stay at Home order. Now it’s taken on a completely different meaning. This is another moment where yoga on the mat translates to yoga off the mat.

The IYK® System introduces and emphasizes evidence based research practices for children from newborn to adolescence. It grounds kids in the skills they need to thrive in today’s world - and the world we have yet to know. Yoga is the most effective sustainable activity throughout childhood and it works for every ability. It encompasses the powers of movement, mindfulness, meditation and mindset practice that is not yet broadly taught in schools, sports, in the arts or at home.

It is a method we can rely on when everything is going well to improve our performance equally as when things are falling apart and we’re deeply uncertain. It helps us release energy and be calm so we can focus, think more clearly and make better decisions. And while it’s fun, it’s no laughing matter. Kids of all ages need Yoga now more than ever!

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