Mothers. Ahhh...lone. Together.

Happy Mother’s Day! To be celebrated for one day is remarkable given everything moms do EVERYDAY! This video is my All. Time. Favorite!

How do you enjoy Mother’s Day? There are several ways to appreciate and be appreciated. In my extended family, one mother likes to do her own thing - be alone with a spa day or hike in peace. Another wants to be surrounded by family with kids making breakfast in bed and receiving kid-made love notes. Some want lavish gifts and others want to have a moms-only champagne brunch or dinner date.

I’ve found I like a combination. Each year is a bit different. No breakfast in bed for me. I learned that well-intended meal required a lot of clean up! I enjoy teaching the Mother’s Day yoga class for littles and for big kids. When the toddlers love and appreciate mom, it’s super sweet! When the teens attend yoga FOR mom, they end up enjoying the experience more than they expected. That’s a treat!

Appreciation is the center; when we express that regularly, everyday feels like Mother’s Day to me. I’ve learned that what I model is what gets reflected back to me so I make an effort to share what I’m grateful for including the mothers in my family - and everywhere. Working mothers have been hit especially hard lately. Eliminating in person school instruction and requiring distance learning with limited child care options has caused a mass exodus of women from the workforce. Women also do a majority of the household and caregiving work. A new study shows that when fathers or partners do even just 40% of the caregiving work at home, women left the workforce at much lower rates. 

President Biden has big plans for child care, family care, and health care. Case in point: his $1.8 trillion American Families Plan. It includes a proposal for universal preschool and tuition-free community college. Biden's also pushing for paid family and medical leave, an extension of the child tax credit, and investment in historically Black colleges. The job that no one can imagine taking without pay. And this video was pre-Covid! Let’s offer support to all mothers and celebrate one another. Big love all around for all they do!

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