Why Dads Love Yoga

Dads do yoga! This may be a surprise because mostly Moms do yoga. Women account for 72% of yoga practitioners and out number men 3 to 1. What brings Dads to yoga and keeps them coming back?

Moms. Most often, we see Dads because Mom is taking the morning off and she’s scheduled Dad to take the kids to Family Yoga. They arrive and wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into. Most of the time their expectations are low. Then, they’re surprised. Here’s what we’ve noticed when kids come to yoga with Dad.

Dads seem more relaxed about their kids (perceived) performance in yoga. Is it because there is no winner or loser in this activity? Is it because they don’t know what to expect so they just go with the flow? Either way, it works. Kids are free to be and Dad’s are too. The energy is often lighter and that makes it easier to take on challenges.

Dads appreciate yoga more than they expected. They recognize how inflexible they may be in their bodies and maybe in their minds too. For many, it’s their first time trying yoga. Coming with their kids shifts the intention to curiosity. IYK offers a balanced sequence of achievable and reachable postures so the experience is neither too easy nor too hard.

Dads like to play! The light-hearted nature of learning yoga poses from beginner to advanced equalizes the experience and offers an entry point for all levels. Everyone can find their body, mind and heart in yoga which makes it both educational and enjoyable.

Kids are delighted to share yoga with both mom and dad, and often extended family members join too. Teaching Family Yoga is so delightful! It’s a class that offers something for everyone. I’m often moved to laughter - and to tears - at the meaningful moments I’ve witnessed between family members. Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

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