PRIDE - Why Leading With Love Matters

We’re halfway through Pride month. We’re celebrating the power of connection and its impact on your health, education, and identity. I supported a mother who’s son recently transitioned into his true self. It wasn’t easy. Yoga helped. Here’s how:

Acceptance - This was so hard. It started with listening deeply to her daughter at the time. Her struggles. Her anxiety. Her depression. Her disordered eating. Her social suffering. Her just not feeling right in her body. Nothing was working to overcome these intense feelings until she said it out loud. “Mom, I need to be a boy.”

Leadership - Then, heartbreak. This mom and I walked through grieving the loss of her daughter and her fear of failing as a mother. Could she have done something wrong or different that would have changed this outcome? She was brave. She lead with love. They got professional support that made a positive impact.

Compassion - I witnessed two transformations: one with mom who not only accepted her son, but stood up for him with his grandparents and anyone else who challenged her dedication to her child’s health. The other was the shift from female to male. He is thriving now.

Transformation comes from acceptance, leadership and compassion. We learn those skills in yoga on the mat. Yoga transforms the body, the mind and the heart. The burn that makes us stronger. The acceptance of our limitations. The ability to breathe and overcome challenges. Cultivating compassion for ourselves and others.

This is what PRIDE is. Knowing who you are. Being proud of who you are. Loving yourself first so you can love others. Let’s do this.

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