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Never A Bad Yoga Class

What makes a bad yoga class? For some, it’s the teacher and their instruction. For others, it’s the studio environment like its location, decor or smell. Sometimes it’s the community. Overall, the energy isn’t a right match. For me, it’s instruction that doesn’t focus on proper form which can create injuries.

I remember a pre-pandemic moment arranging my hectic morning schedule to make it to my favorite yoga class, taught by my favorite teacher, on-time. I showed up. Surprise! There was a substitute. Ugh! Most people left. I was already there and decided to make the best of it.

I switched my mindset.

I opened myself to a different experience. I didn’t judge her. I just stayed with myself with a new guide. I learned the teacher is within. With practice, you can make your own modifications and allow your inner teacher to emerge. Knowing what’s right for you and meeting yourself on the mat is all that’s needed. Whatever mood you are in. This is key for kids too!

A 10 year old girl recently shared this with me after our first yoga class together, “My mom does yoga. When she comes home, I ask her how it was. She always says, ‘Never a bad class.’ Now, I get it!” I loved that!

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