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How to Bounce Back from Bad Days

Okay, Megan Thee Stallion, you got me. I love this!

She created a website with mental health resources for fans and it’s really cool. The website called "Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too" offers links to free therapy organizations, suicide, and substance abuse helpline among other resources.

Way to normalize this and make a positive difference! With World Mental Health Day on October 10 and really everyday here at IYK, here’s what you can do to bounce back from a bad day.

1. Remember, This Too Shall Pass. Everything is temporary. Nothing lasts forever…even a bad day. Don’t let it stick.

2. Reflect. Learn from it. Stop and notice what happened. What was in your control and what was not? Are you a victim or a victor? It is a choice. You always have a choice.

3. Rest or move something. Everything is energy so move your body to release negativity so it doesn’t get stored in your body, mind and heart. If your body needs rest, stop and do that too.

You are your best friend and your best boss. Listen to yourself. When you are not sure, get still before acting. Try 1 to 10 minutes of silence to reset yourself and be your best. Learn at yoga. I’ll show you how.

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