Family Yoga Thanksgiving Diaper Drive

2 Ways To Show Gratitude At Thanksgiving

Research shows giving and a gratitude practice are linked to a greater sense of satisfaction and happiness. Here are 2 simple ways to make appreciation a habit in your family.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Get a notebook and place it by the bedstead to write down 3 things you are grateful for each day. Kids are most grateful for people in their lives, like parents, teachers and friends. They are also thankful for simple pleasures like toys, and even necessities, like food and diapers.

Donate to Those In Need

Giving creates the good vibes! Access to diapers was a huge pandemic problem that has persisted for many. Those who can’t afford diapers find that hardship to be more stressful than food or housing insecurity.

Last year, we donated $5,370 dollars equal to over 420 packs - that's 12,600 diapers to those in need so we are doing it again. We created our second annual Thanksgiving Diaper Drive to benefit Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco with our community partners, Earth Baby REDYPER and Natural Resources. Like traditional diaper services, REDYPER™ Powered by EarthBaby delivers fresh new diapers and wipes right to your doorstep without the waste.

Have fun and help others! Bring a pack of diapers to donate at our IYK® Thanksgiving Family Event on Sunday, November 20 or drop a pack at Natural Resources through December 20.

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