Jack and It's Yoga Kids are 18 years old

18 Years - All Grown Up (Kinda!)

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My "happy baby” boy just turned 18 years old. He’s my youngest so it’s a major milestone. I also birthed It’s Yoga Kids® when Jack was born. That means IYK is an “adult” too. What’s a mom to do?

MELTDOWN. And I did. I met my mom friends for our cold plunge at Crissy Field (Yep, 11 minutes a week in the bay!) the Friday before his birthday and I bawled my warm salty tears into the freezing salty water. A lot! Then, I dried off, shivered, equalized and realized…

I can’t nurture my son the way I did when he was young, nor can I do that for IYK. My children have grown. My business has grown. They don’t require the same amount of effort or energy anymore. None the less, I still need to show up for them the way they need me to and they can show up for me the way I need them to.

Jack is adulting. He’s responsible with school, service and work. He’s taking on more household duties and I’m sharing that load because he will be the guy to do his fair share. He’s balanced socially and he’s healthy, active and fun! I couldn’t love him any more or any less.

That’s true for IYK too. I’ve loved this business from its infancy through the terrible twos and into it’s teens. We’ve trained thousands of teachers affecting millions of children. We can do more. While I’m so excited for Jack to reach his goals independently, I’m also excited to reach mine. Look for new programs from me coming soon with the full IYK Warrior Training and NEW classes that unite physical fitness and mental health like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. I couldn't be more excited! (And that's Jack playing piano in the background.)

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