3 Little Birds Flying Into Summer Yoga Camp

3 Little Birds Flying Into Summer

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School is coming to an end. That means a much needed time out from the daily rinse and repeat routines and finding a new rhythm for summer. Each year, for our family, three things need to happen.

1. Take a break. Do nothing. Every year, when school is out, we need 2 weeks of nothing. No schedule. No demands. It is a great time to clean out the school work and the out grown closets. This creates closure for us for the school year in review. What to keep and what to let go is the best beginning of summer exercise for us. It’s important to be bored too!

2. Take a trip. I know families who get on a plane the day school is out, that’s not us. We are ready to travel toward the end of June and all of July. Sometimes, I dread the task of packing and unpacking. Why do we have so much stuff?! Go back to #1. Want to get it all into one bag, I really loved this!

3. Take the kids to camp. Do your kids have an "outdoor play deficit"? Sleep away camps are great! My kids also loved local camps where they spent the day outdoors with yoga, hiking, snacking and connecting with other kids. Why ”risky play” helps kids develop important life skills. Plus what to say instead of “be careful” — even if you’re freaking out a little. Deep breaths. Our camps are for ages 4-12 so it’s great for siblings and friends. Older kids gain leadership skills even if they are new to the practice of yoga which benefits all ages physically, mentally and emotionally.

School is coming to an end. What does it mean for your family? Where will your birds fly to? I can’t wait to hear all about it.

P.S. Kick off your summer with us at Metta Yoga on June 15


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