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Get a simple, safe, sustainable system to overcome challenges and be a positive force in life

Elevate your everyday experience with wellness the easy and fun way for the whole family

Do you struggle with:

  • Helping the fam settle down at bedtime to maximize sleep?
  • Getting motivated - up, ready and being your best each day?
  • Completing homework and helping around the house with focus and independence?
  • Managing meltdowns and resistance with healthy emotional intelligence and finding joy in the mundane - rinse and repeat cycle?

I’m Michelle, and for the last 16 years, I’ve taught kids and their adults how to feel happy and free with my proven IYK® System. I’m a mom, Certified Yoga Educator and author of Kid Moves: Fun active moves for your growing child. With over 2 million students taught and over 1200 teachers trained worldwide, you too, can transform and be a positive force in life. 

I get your desire to raise healthy, happy and successful kids, and not lose yourself in the process. That’s why I’m here– to make kids’ wellness, simple, safe and sustainable.

Imagine if you could:

  • Bring wellness into your everyday life with simple step-by-step guidance that walks you through the science of feeling happy and free
  • Have the whole family on the same page for physical, mental and emotional health
  • Design a new routine for your kids to learn life skills
  • Have the freedom to create care for yourself, feel supported and show up for your kids

IYK® Club is a monthly done-with-you program that will guide you through classes in-person, live-online and on-demand when you need it most so you can have yoga anywhere anytime for the whole family. 

  • Feel happy and free from anxiety and depression
  • Step into your presence, purpose, power and peace
  • Improve your relationships with self and others
  • Gain confidence, resilience and joy!
  • Learn life skills to overcome challenges
  • Be a positive force in life!

Founding Members pricing for a limited time, is $88 per month for the whole family. If you prefer one easy payment for the year, that option is available too. Your physical, mental and emotional health matters more than ever! We can help you be your best.

What comes around goes around. For every 8 IYK® Club members, we provide access for a family in need. It’s never been easier to take care of your family’s wellness and contribute to the greater good.


Wait! It’s just $88/monthly for the whole family?

Yes, for the Founding Members forever pricing. We want to make it easy and fun for the whole family to access yoga everyday.

Where are the in-person classes?

In San Francisco, outdoors at the Palace of Fine Arts on the grassy corner of Baker & Bay until our new studio opens.

Learn all sorts of useful tips about Yoga for Kids!

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