Want Capable, Courageous and Confident Kids?

Do Yoga. Yoga is a most empowering practice. No matter your ability or disability, it works for any age from birth through adolescence. No other activity that kids do can match all its benefits. Not one!

Capable. Babies are born to do yoga, from the fetal position at birth (Child’s pose) to walking which requires balancing on one foot (Tree Pose).  Each developmental milestone for baby’s development is a yoga pose. If babies can do yoga, then we can all do yoga! 

Courageous. Children of all ages almost always take on challenging poses in yoga. That bravery, the willingness to fail or succeed, translates to the classroom, sports and performing arts. When a child feels supported in their effort and not condemned for their outcomes, it promotes a growth-mindset enabling them to take calculated risks and achieve their best over time.

Confidence. Yoga works for all ages and kids are good at it regardless of their ability. This builds confidence in young children who are learning how to manage their bodies, and especially for middle-schoolers and teenagers whose bodies and brains are chaining rapidly. Puberty is quite un-nerving! Yoga builds their skills with healthy mindset and movement habits.  

Nearly every adult who does yoga wishes they had learned it sooner and especially in the teen years!  They say, “If I had Yoga, it would have saved me from doing a bunch of stupid things for other people’s love/approval.”

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