Dads and Downward Dogs

We know women and moms do yoga, but what about dads?  There are 10 million men practicing yoga in the US, up from 4 million in 2012.  Approximately half of men become fathers according to WebMD.. 

We see so many dads at Family Yoga on the weekends.  It’s been interesting to hear why dads come to yoga. 

Here are popular responses:

  • “At first, my wife made me come with our toddler, but I actually really liked it,  and I wanted to come back.  Now it’s become our regular daddy/daughter time.” - Jay G.
  • “I was always curious about yoga, but the environment was never right. The gym was to busy and a yoga studio was too intimidating for a newcomer. I’m surprised how fun, challenging and accessible yoga is for me with my athletic kids. – Michael L.

Yoga is truly for everyone. Dads too!

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