Problems for Youth Athletes (Part 1 of 2)

Many parents want their sporty kid to play and secure a college scholarship and why not? Attending college is more expensive than ever! However, according to Stanford Children’s Hospital, ”…More than 3.5 million children ages 14 and younger get hurt annually playing sports…”

Here’s what the top trainers at the collegiate level say about the condition of the students-athletes who actually make it. Common problems emerge from specialization at young ages both physically and mentally. 


  • Limited spinal rotation – most sports are linear and don’t incorporate twisting
  • Tight Hamstrings – weak posterior chain from calves to gluteus maximus
  • Weak and Inflexible Extensors – this leads to lack of mobility and back pain
  • Opposition – inability to cross the midline with balanced mobility
  • Externally Rotated – lack of ability to internally rotate and connect to core strength
  • Poor Proprioception – ability to balance on one limb
  • Compromised Joints – connective tissue is worn down creating pain, permanent damage or required surgery(ies)
  • Burned Out – lack of motivation and/or negative attitude or energy

Yoga can help alleviate many of these issues throughout the growing process yielding a healthier student-athlete.

Read Part 2 to see how.   

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