Solutions for Youth Athletes (Part 2 of 2)

Problems for Youth Athletes (Part 1) outlined common issues student-athletes face at the collegiate level.  Yoga can help protect the growing body and brain from over impact and mental fatigue. The practice takes 2 to 10 minutes daily and can be worked into any sport or performing art. 

These pre-practice, game or performance routines and post-practice, game and performance cool downs can prevent injuries and maximize mental capacity to maintain self-motivation and achieve peak performance.  


  • Full spinal rotation – lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine
  • Flexible Hamstrings – strong posterior chain from calves to gluteus maximus 
  • Strong and Flexible Extensors – core strength and minimal back pain
  • Opposition – ability to cross the midline with balanced mobility
  • Internal Rotation – ability to connect to core strength
  • Strong Proprioception – body awareness and balance = agility
  • Stable Joints – controlled deceleration and full range mobility 
  • Motivated – positive performance oriented mindset 

Parents can protect their kids by urging youth coaches, sports leagues, and performing arts organizations to explore these basic proven practices that enhance growing kids’ mental and physical performance over time.

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