Why Yoga Belongs in Every Classroom (Part 1 of 2)

Can yoga increase academic performance and test scores at school? That’s what our partner schools are confirming. Let’s explore how Yoga benefits staff and students with managing transitions and testing to create calm, connected, proud and productive classrooms.  Here are two reasons to bring Yoga to your classroom. 

  1. Focus is at an all-time low. The biggest childhood predictor of success is the ability to concentrate. Distractions affect learning, especially in young minds.  Research shows average focus time is the lowest ever - between 3 to 5 seconds - in our “swipe now ” evolution. Great Schools – Like a Sponge podcast: Their Own Devices  


  1. Anxiety is at an all-time high. Of the 74.5 million children in the United States, an estimated 17.1 million have or have had a mental health disorder — more than the number of children with cancer, diabetes and AIDS combined. Half of all mental illness occurs before the age of 14, and 75 percent by the age of 24. Anxiety is at the top of the list.  Source: Childmind - About Us 

These facts make learning harder than ever in schools today.  We’ll look at how Yoga can help in Transitions and Testing: Why Yoga belongs in every classroom (Part 2 of 2).

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