Why Yoga Belongs in Every Classroom (Part 2 of 2)

According to forbes.com, “…results of the new study…add to the growing body of evidence showing how yoga and mindfulness can affect the developing brain, behavior, and mental health. At a time when the most developmentally important learning opportunities are being stripped away in U.S. schools—recess time, art and music, and hands-on learning—and stress levels are rising, the study points to an effective way for schools to help kids deal with it all.”

It takes PRACTICE to develop the task of concentration. Yoga delivers results. Yoga can help with mindset and movement practices made for the classroom.  

  1. Benefits for Every Classroom
  • Improved focus and learning with breath work to oxygenate the brain
  • Growth mindset with intensions and positive self-talk
  • Self-control through body awareness
  1. Outcomes for Students 
  • Concentration and Collaboration
  • Accountability and Adaptability
  • Resilience and Recovery
  • Effort and Endurance
  • Courage and Confidence

These results can be achieved with 2 to 10 minutes of daily practice over time. 

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