Yoga and Sleep for Kids

The research on sleep for kids is relatively conclusive. Kids at every age need more!

New research explains how vitamin ZZZ may help children fight obesity, avoid colds, and succeed in school. It’s our job as parents to create a climate of sleep. That can be a real challenge with our busy lifestyles. It aims to help children get more sleep so parents can keep their sanity. Win-Win!

Littles: How Yoga can help at home: Massage is a great bedtime ritual. Once your little is in bed, try shaking out arms and legs like noodles and gently, but firmly, press them down from shoulder to wrist and thigh to ankle to ground the body. This may be silly at first. Repeat if necessary (slower each time) until the wiggles diminish and the body gets heavy and ready for sleep.

School Age: How Yoga can help at home: Try the IYK® Power Down sequence to say goodbye to the day and prepare for better, longer, deeper sleep. This is especially handy for those sudden bursts of energy right before bedtime. ☺

Teens: How Yoga can help at home: Waking up is hard for the teenage brain. Try the IYK® Power Up sequence to get moving and make it a great day!

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