How Families Can Relieve Tension While Self-Isolating (Part 1of 2)

For households that are self-isolating together, it may be challenging to keep the peace at all times. While it may seem healthy for families to spend more time together, it can be hard when you and your family members feel cooped up with limited alone-time.

Common Causes of Tension

One of the most common reasons your family members will be feeling tense right now is the collective stress of uncertainty. We don’t all adapt at the same speed, so keep that in mind if you notice your kids or partner is exhibiting signs of stress and unease over the pandemic. To alleviate boredom and help restore a sense of purpose and productivity, find things to do around the house, whether it’s cleaning up your wardrobe, learning to cook, or reading a book. You can take up old hobbies or start new ones, such as gardening. Gardening is a great option if you have the outdoor space for it — not only will it give you some fresh veggies in a few months, it’s great for getting a bit of exercise and fresh air. One important practice for households that are isolating together is getting outside for shared activities. There are plenty of ways to do this, whether it’s taking a walk to the park as a family, going to the beach for a swim, or even having an impromptu picnic in your backyard. 

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