How Families Can Relieve Tension While Self-Isolating (Part 2 of 2)

Helping Kids Cope

While kids are usually very adaptable, the pandemic can be especially difficult for some children. They’ll also likely be missing school and their friends, so be patient with your kids and help reassure them that things will be okay.

If you’re trying to inspire your kids to read more, graphic novels can be excellent for piquing their interest in books. Not all graphic novels are appropriate for all ages; be sure to consider whether the storyline is age-appropriate, and read a few reviews before you buy.

Another way to help your kids cope is to introduce them to some basic yoga practices. Yoga is great for stress relief, exercise, and mental clarity. Consider incorporating yoga — It’s Yoga Kids has some very helpful tips to get you started — and simple meditation into your kids’ morning and nighttime routines to help them relax and feel ready for the day.

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