Is Yoga Helpful at Home?

Yoga can help with kids sleep and help them wake up in the morning. It takes 2 to 10 minutes to incorporate Yoga into your routine at home.

Follow these simple tips:

3 Steps to get Kids to Sleep at Night

  1. Move. Goodbye Yoga sequence
  2. Meditate. Body Scan. Relax every body part starting with toes to head 
  3. Mantra. Breathe in: I am safe. Breathe out: I am loved.

3 Steps to Get Kids Up in the Morning

  1. Meditate. 10min of awake but quiet cuddle time
  2. Move. In bed: Body tapping or wiggles body parts from toes to head. Out of bed: Hello Yoga sequence
  3. Mantra. Set an Intension or a Word for the Day

The Sanskrit word ‘mantra’ translates to ‘instrument for thinking’, they are a powerful way to direct your mind towards positive thoughts, feelings and experiences.


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