Facing Back-to-School Nerves

Back-to-School is an exciting and often nerve-wracking time for families. Anticipation mixed with nerves flows between kids and parents - often equally. It can be a cycle of comforting combined with crying - including tears of joy - for all parties involved.

After the fun part of back-to-school shopping, each year the step up is filled with unknowns. New friends, new teachers, new rules, new challenges - not to mention new work with lots of paperwork for parents. Covid has taken the norm of health and stepped it up to a whole new level. Regardless of the mixed experiences of education during the pandemic, this year is unprecedented. Additionally, for many kids who missed a whole year of socializing, the intensity of re-integrating is another layer previously known. How do we support our kids through these important milestones and unknowns, and is it possible to do with confidence, resilience and joy?

I think so. Yoga has shown me the way. I did not have yoga growing up. I wish I had. For the 1200 or so instructors I’ve certified, the number one reason they say they want to teach yoga to kids is because they wish they had yoga when they were kids - and it’s not for the pose on the mat, it’s what they learned in yoga that applied to everyday life. This is the first generation of teachers I’ve trained where some of them had yoga as teenagers, and they acknowledge the world of difference it made. 

Yoga can help in few ways:

  1. Calming nerves. Breathing is the fastest way to calm the nervous system. Hugs also work. Hugs at home are going to matter now that hugs at school are not allowed. When you combine breathing with hugging it co-regulates both nervous systems. That’s a win-win!
  2. Moving energy. Feelings have energy. When worried feelings arrive. Feel them vs. pushing them away. Listen to one another fully and then decide what you want to do with it. For all ages, yoga poses help us burn through worries to a safer place within ourselves.
  3. Mindset matters. The math of moods are like = like. If you are in a bad mood, usually bad things happen. If you are in a good mood, usually good things happen. Our minds can play tricks on us. Recycling thoughts from negative to positive can change our experience.

Yoga requires us to practice these life skills. No matter your level of excitement or worry as we come into this uncharted new school year, I hope you will discover ways to being yoga to life everyday. It’s the easy and fun way for family wellness. If you’re curious, join me for the FREE IYK® 5-Day Back-to-School Yoga Challenge starting August 11, 2021 to practice your High 5 Habits for school this year.

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