The #1 Thing I Learned From My Granny

This month, we celebrate Grandparents Day on September 12. Grandparents matter for many reasons. To name a few: unconditional love, perspective and presence. Interestingly, these are qualities we learn in yoga, too.

Unconditional Love. Often, grandparents get to be the parents they weren’t. It’s a do-over without the pressures of parenting. Grandparents lead with LOVE. They are more relaxed, patient and forgiving. And they love to spoil their grandchildren! The love from a grandparent feels different - like you can do no wrong. Similarly in yoga, we learn to love ourselves from the inside out regardless of what we can do on the mat. Love for self is essential for health and happiness.

Perspective. We think we are the only ones experiencing the challenges of our time. The hardships that our grandparents endured are often overlooked as history not relevant to today - except they are. Everything is relative and the fears over the years compare to the political, economic and social fears of the moment. It is said, history repeats itself until we learn from it. Grandparents offer a different point of view and grandchildren love to listen to their stories!

Presence. I would be with my Granny for hours! We baked. We sewed. We gardened. We tied bows. We cleaned the house. We played cards and dice games. We read. We cuddled. We listened to music. We danced. We loved every moment together! She’s always fully present with me. In yoga, we learn to be present with ourselves through our breath.

"This too shall pass” is the #1 thing I learned from my Granny.

Everything is impermanent. Everything changes. Nothing lasts for ever - not power, not beauty, not money and not the thoughts and emotions that flood our systems from moment to moment. In yoga, we take one breath at a time.

I love my Granny. She turns 100 on September 23. She’s still sharp in her mind and healthy in her body. We’re blessed my aunt is her daily caregiver so she can live at home. She’s slowed way down. But never too slow to remind me what matters most in life - enduring love.

One of our favorite things at It’s Yoga Kids is when grandparents come to breathe, move and relax with their children and grandchildren in Family Yoga. Ahhh, it’s so sweet!

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