Not Feeling the Love

When You Are Not Feeling the Love

What do we do when we’re not feeling the love? This usually gets activated by others not meeting our needs for love. Sometimes, we feel unlovable. It’s heartbreaking.

When this happens, we’re supposed to love ourselves more. Sounds easier than it is. For some, self-love feels selfish. This isn’t the indulgent kind of expression of love that comes from spoiling yourself with “things.” Instead, it’s the simple care and compassion we might feel for another directed toward ourselves. And that takes practice!

Balancing external validation (oh hi, social media) with internal satisfaction can be a challenge, especially for teens. How do we develop the inner fortitude to both feel the love we need and to and share it in a way that’s healthy - not demanding or demeaning?

I’ve cultivated many of these skills on my yoga mat and applied them to my life off the mat. It’s proven very effective to maintain my inner strength and peace.

Recently, I read Deepak Chopra’s article: You Are Never Alone: A Global Safety Net. I totally agree with the “in here” vs. “out there” approach to living safely in today’s environment. The sooner we cultivate this practice of safety with ourselves, and our kids, the better off we, and they, will be.

What do you think? Please love yourself today and everyday. Remember, you are never alone.

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