Kids and World Peace

How Inner Peace Contributes to World Peace

Events that threaten war over peace are disturbing. They disturb us personally and collectively. What can we do when that fear is REAL and not imagined?!

Instead of spinning out with fear, I go inward to find my center. Because as soon as one conquers suffering, one realizes a source of inner peace. That energy reflects outward, supporting family and friends, as well as society as a whole. Ultimately, around the world, there will be peace and harmony.

Being connected to our purpose and peace is power. The power of choice to be unified within and to reflect unification outwardly. Staying committed to a state of “one-ness” is something we can all do.

Try this exercise to bring yourself to center. It’s an adaption of Sa, Ta, Na, Ma.

  1. Sit tall and hold your hands open on your knees
  2. Touch your index fingertip to your thumb tip - say Peace
  3. Touch your center fingertip to your thumb tip - say Begins
  4. Touch your ring fingertip to your thumb tip - say With
  5. Touch your pinky fingertip to your thumb tip - say Me
  6. Repeat this sequence for up to 11 minutes and let the energy flow through you
  7. Finish the sequence with a moment of silence and let the sound resonate
  8. Feel the peaceful state inside of you

Our hearts go out to all of those affected. If you’d like to offer your support, find out how you can help here.

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