Motherhood Milestones Turning 21

Major Motherhood Milestones

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This Friday, my first born turns 21 years old. Wow! Seriously?! It’s the anniversary of my birthing her. And the moment that forever changed my life. As I reflect on the ongoing motherhood journey, I’m reminded of what matters most in her precious life, and mine.

1. My right to have her (or not to). Freedom is having agency over your body. I’m so grateful to have had this liberty. Currently, my daughter’s, and millions of other birthing people’s rights, are at risk. For me, their choice is between them and their God, not legislators who want to control them. Vote them out!

2. Surrounded by loving support. Having a partner, family, friends and a community that wraps their arms around you, and your growing child, is essential. There are so many moments where circles of support with other parents, teachers and kind leaders not only educate and enrich our lives, but save them. Connection matters!

3. Success skills built in. My daughter was a 2020 high school graduate. Covid created so much loss for her personally, and for her entire grade who were launching to college. Three years later, many still struggle to balance their lives. Confidence builds resilience, and the ability to adapt - is everything. Learn it to live it!

Major milestones have been reached like, walking, talking and graduating. Now, she’s a young adult and I listen to her. I hear where she’s at. I remember where I was at at the same age. In some ways we are similar, and in other ways, there’s a world of difference.

Every step of the way, I remember the power of the brain - specifically neuroplacticity. Knowing that you have the ability to break negative patterns and re-shape them is extremely powerful. It’s what I learned in yoga. It’s why I teach yoga to children and adolescents. Strengthening, stretching and stressing less are the skills our kids need to succeed in today’s world.

Happy birthday to my darling, Kate! She inspired me to start IYK® when she modeled my sun salutations (perfectly modified) at 18 months old. At 21, I bow to you, dear one, for making me a mother, and for the privilege of having you as my daughter. Shine bright, baby!

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