Yoga for family vacation and travel

Vacation or Family Trip?

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Is it a family vacation or family trip? Do you love traveling with children? There can be so much joy and wonder — and so much hassle. Is it worth it?!

When our first born was 2 years old, my husband planned a family vacation to Mexico. It was not a vacation. It was double, triple or quadruple the work without the rest and relaxation. For me, traveling with a toddler was not that fun. It wasn’t for every other family we saw either. People were unenthusiastic at this fancy family-friendly resort.

I also traveled with my toddlers to visit family a lot - often on my own. That was not easy either, but it was worth it! With extended family far away, time together is precious with your growing child/ren. I also enjoyed the support of family members so I could have a much needed break. (I’m so lucky my mom wanted to do her mom-ming every time I visited!)

Yoga helps me with my mindset for travel. The packing. The transportation. The food. The breakdowns. The off-schedule FUN! Breath-work is the fastest way to calm your nervous system so you can handle whatever comes up — without losing it! It cultivates patience and compassion so you can be present with "what is" and adapt. It helps me overcome challenges.

I’ve discovered, for me, vacation does not include a kitchen or a laundry room and it does include room service and a nice pool. Floating helps me feel weightless and free if only for a moment.

Happy travels this summer! How do you define vacation? What makes you feel relaxed and free?

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