How yoga helps with loss and saying goodbye

Saying Goodbye

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Saying goodbye. It’s the end of the school year and time to say goodbye. One of my students was truly impacted by our 6 weeks of yoga after school. On the last day of class, she cried.

She sobbed, Ms. Michelle, I’m never going to see you again!” She wanted a hug. I comforted her and said, “We don’t know what the future will bring, but today we say goodbye…for now.”

It can be hard to say goodbye. It’s okay to be sad.

I had to acknowledge the truth that I may never see her again, and I was sad too. That got me thinking about endings. There are all sorts of goodbyes, little ones and big ones. They all have a felt sense of loss. Sometimes it losing things, sometimes is losing people. Little endings are easier like “see you later” at school after summer break. Other endings are harder like people moving away. Some endings are much bigger like dying.

Yoga helps us navigate grief. The principle of aparigraha is non-attachment. We allow things, and people, to come and go. We allow energy to flow. It takes practice to be neutral, the art of when to hold on — and when to let go.

There are so many layers to saying goodbye. Being present with feelings of loss builds resilience. Yoga helps us feel “the feels” and navigate all the sensations so we grow — and glow. With every ending, there is a new beginning.

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