Independence Yoga to Feel Happy and Free

Ready to Feel Happy AND Free?

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Independence Day is July 4. In the US, we commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, establishing the United States of America — our freedom from dependent rule. Yet, we struggle to uphold the agreement’s tenets for equality and the pursuit of happiness. Women warriors fight for autonomy over their bodies. Thankfully, Juneteen (June 19th) commemorating the emancipation of enslaved Black Americans is a now a US holiday and Pride month in June supports the LBGTQIA+ community and their freedom to be.

Beyond governments, we each have an opportunity to free ourselves. Yoga is a way to feel free in your body, mind and heart. It breaks patterns of movement and behavior that bind us. It builds strength and stamina, stretches the body and mind, and grows compassion for self and others.

More than a pose on a mat, yoga reveals a range of emotions from anger and sadness to relief and joy! I leave it all on the mat. My frustration, and my worries. Breathing through discomfort and being fully present with myself is required. Otherwise, I fall! And when I do, I get back up.

Sometimes it’s hard to get to class, but I never regret going. Yoga provides me the opportunity to meet myself — where I am — to unite and untie the knots that constrain me. With that openness, I can eliminate blame and elevate my game. I accept what is. I build the courage, resilience and confidence to pursue my happiness off the mat.

You can too. Learn with me in classes or training so you can feel healthier, happier and more FREE!

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