Kids Bored? Good! Try yoga.

Bored? Good for you!

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A reminder to parents laboring long summer days…boredom has its virtues. Why experts are saying let the kids get bored this summer. It’s good for them — and you too! Turns out boredom is informative, creative and fulfilling — IF you can bust it! Here’s how it often goes at my house:

Kid: “I’m bored!”

Me: “Oh, goodie!” What a great problem. How will you solve it?

Kid: “I don’t know. There’s nothing to do.”

Me: Okay, nothing is good. If you change your mind, there’s always something to do! Some kids…read, write, dance, craft, make music, do puzzles, play with toys, go outside, meet friends, create something or clean something. I can’t wait to see what you will do!

My children would either come up with something on the spot or sulk away, but they would not come back because they knew boredom is their problem — not mine — and it’s a problem they can solve themselves. It’s also an essential skill because research has shown that without positive outlets, people can be more inclined to engage in harmful behaviors.

Another layer of this challenge is they may ask you to play with them. If you are able to, allocate 10 minutes for this activity, but have them decide what you will do together and give them 5 minutes to prepare for you to arrive. This helps them take initiative and delay gratification. (Use a timer to keep yourself accountable.)

Ten minutes is all you, and they, need to feel connected every day. Of course, there’s always yoga online if you want to move and play together. This way everyone wins. I’ll see you there!

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