Barbie does yoga and meditates to help kids

2 Things you may have missed in the Barbie Movie

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Let’s talk Barbie. I had one Barbie growing up. My mother made her clothes to match mine. I didn’t play with her other than to change her clothes. I preferred puzzles, blocks, bikes and sports.

My daughter had a handful of Barbies - none of which she played with, only admired. I was not a fan of “perfect” Barbie. I didn’t think she was good for girls’ self-esteem. Perhaps unfair of me, I judged her looks vs. her accomplishments. She is a doctor, writer and president amongst many other occupations, and of course, fashionable and fun! Good balance, right?!

My niece asked for Barbie Breathe with Me Meditation Doll, with 5 Lights & Guided Meditation Exercises, a Puppy and 4 Emoji Accessories — and I bought it for her. I was impressed Barbie was doing yoga and meditating. Later, I was appalled when there was controversy about this doll: 'Satan Is After the Children'—Christian Influencer Says 'Yoga Barbie' Can Lead to Demonic Possession.

Now, there’s the Barbie movie which I saw with my 21 year old daughter yesterday. I must say: RUN, don’t walk to see it because it’s LOL funny — and meaningful. Amongst many memorable moments, my favorites are two times where Barbie pauses and looks inside herself.

The first time, Barbie looks inward is when she’s trying to determine her next action. What she she will do to solve her problem (no spoiler here). She closed her eyes, sitting up tall and seeks answers within. Then, she knows what to do. I loved this because it happened so quickly, but it created clarity for her next step.

The second time, she’s face down on the floor feeling hopeless! This one lasted a bit longer; she truly felt her despair. Then, she has an idea in collaboration with the other Babies, including Weird Barbie, and a plan is created to solve their problem. I loved this moment too because even when we think there’s no hope, something changes in the stillness.

Like Barbie, you can practice yoga and meditation too. The science supports you. I’ll show you how every step of the way.

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