How and why to get grounded this fall

3 Ways: How and Why to Get Grounded This Fall

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September 22 is the Fall Equinox. It’s one of two times a year when the length of the day and night are equal. It marks the official end of summer and the beginning of Autumn.

This is not the time of year to pick apples, it is the time of year to let them fall.

A change in seasons often feels unsettling as we switch from more care-free days to new routines. Often, there’s no rhythm yet. September is full of extra administrative tasks with school forms, new playdates and after school program schedules. It’s a lot of details to manage.

If that stresses you out, 3 things may get you grounded:

1. Earthing. Feeling your bare feet in the grass or sand is soothing. Because the Earth has a magnetic field that provides the nourishment of free electrons. All sorts of benefits occur—when you go outside.

2. Yoga. Standing postures demand your full attention with both feet on the ground. It’s important to do yoga in bare feet to allow reflex zones to reach all body areas and organs connected to them. Plus it gives your toes space to move and breath.

3. Listen to what the birds are saying. Birds are the secret weapon to overcome anxiety. Their chirping sounds can comfort us, soothe our stress and bring us joy. You can listen on a walk or simply lying on your back after yoga while earthing. 

The change of seasons is a sensory experience. Enjoy the color of the leaves changing and watch them fall to the ground. It’s also a good time to reflect on what you can let go of and bring into balance.

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