3 Birthday Wishes Come True

My 3 Birthday Wishes Come True

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It’s my birthday! My 5X+th. 🙀 I’ve been through light and dark. Yoga has kept me strong, flexible, healthy and sane (mostly). It’s freed me physically, mentally and emotionally to become more balanced.

Here are the 3 birthday wishes I’m making this year.

1. Help at Home Yes, please! Why this husband’s advice for how dads can help their wives went viral. Guys, it’s really not complicated.

2. Quality Time I’m done with complacency. I want true connection. Time is precious. I want to be even more conscious about how and who I spend time with this year.

3. Increased Impact I love teaching kids from cradle to college the skills they need to succeed in today’s world. I’m on a mission to train 10,000 leaders so we can reach 10 million children and teens.

Make my wish come true! Join me for the most rewarding work you can do - and get paid for! Warrior Training starts soon.


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