Children as Generous Gift Givers

3 Ways to Help Kids Be More Generous

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Gift givers (like Santa) feel connected by the act of giving and/or receiving gifts. Of the 5 love languages, which also include words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, and physical touch, these people put “presents” at the top of the list.

In yoga, generosity, where we share freely, is the opposite of taking (Asteya). A generous person sees life through abundance instead of scarcity.

How do I encourage my child to be more giving?

Help your children practice becoming an enthusiastic giver on their own by modeling generosity and kindness to others. Notice when you see others being generous. When it’s time to give a gift, have your child help select, wrap, and give the gift.

When is the best age for my child to give gifts?

While 3-year-olds showed difficulty giving a gift to another, research shows that children begin to understand how to be thoughtful in gift-giving around age 4. (Flavell et al.,1968)

What are the best gifts for children to give? Something from their heart. A handmade card or work of art is the best gift for young children to give. Older children can learn to ask the receiver for a wish list and fulfill an item on it within their budget.

If you are giving gifts to children, consider the five gift rule:

  1. something they want
  2. something they need
  3. something to wear
  4. something to read
  5. something they didn't know they wanted

Enjoy this gift giving time of year with a mindful approach to being generous with your time and energy. Consider giving memorable experiences like family yoga or Warrior training because it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

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