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I Love My Momprenuer Life!

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When I became a mother, I was working for Microsoft. It was demanding and I loved it! But I longed to be with my baby and I was ready to do something more meaningful to me. I had no idea what that would be. I attended classes at It’s Yoga at 4th & Folsom. The 4:30 Happy Hour classes were notorious. I was amazed by how much yoga enhanced my life. I was physically toned, mentally focused and emotionally balanced. Yea!

If I didn’t get myself to class, I just didn’t feel as good. I was practicing a vigorous form, Rocket Yoga created by Larry Schulz, a long-time student of K. Pattabhi Jois. Larry was “the bad-boy of Ashtanga” because he rearranged the set sequences which is a big no-no in the system. His classes were challenging and fun and were known to become the original forms of Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga.

When my first was born, I could not get to class anymore so I started an at-home practice way before Covid made that popular. My 18 month old daughter (who just turned 22 years old!) started modeling me in that practice. And she was perfectly modified for her development. I asked myself, “Was she spectacular or was this typical for a young child?” My business degree presented a query and I went on a quest to find out. (BTW, it’s both!) She is spectacular AND it’s typical childhood development. This was 2003. No kids were doing yoga.

I bought a few books and a crappy DVD. I looked for a training. There was only one. It was expensive, lengthy and totally inaccessible to me as a new mom. With my extensive background in dance, athletics and teaching young children, I decided to create my own. It took 3 years of research and development, talking to every pediatric professional and getting adult yoga and prenatal/postnatal certifications. It’s Yoga Kids® was born in 2005 at the same time as my second baby. I left corporate life and became an entrepreneur.

I opened the first Kids Yoga studio in the Presidio of San Francisco and began learning every lesson the hard way! I wish I had had someone to mentor me. There was so much learning - you pay in time and frustration! But, I figured it out! Our method is simple, stable and sustainable. My kids are grown (and awesome)! Through all the trial, error and successes, I realize, I love my momprenuer life! For me, there is no better way to raise your kids, than as a Yoga Mom. It has made me and them, the best we can be.

I’d love to show you how I did it. Because our kids need us to be skilled co-regulators. Plus, you can be a game-changer in your town and up level the whole community. It’s the most rewarding work I’ve ever done! (And gotten paid for.) Wrapping up Women’s History month, I invite you to notice how far women have come, and yet, we have more to go. And we have more choices now than ever to live more happy and free. Please join me.


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