Why I Do Yoga by Founder, Michelle Corley Wing

In two to ten minutes a day, no matter where you are - from cradle to grave, Yoga is always there for you. It’s a practice for life.

I found Yoga when I was 25 years old. I wish I had found it earlier. After 25 years of practicing and teaching, the mind and body benefits of Yoga have become parallel. Strength, flexibility and balance (satisfaction, yet continually striving) are what bring me back to Yoga. Yes, it stretches my body, but perhaps even more, it stretches my brain, experiencing the contrast between movement and stillness that comes with the practice.

It makes me feel strong and curious, exploring my edges, feeling them, and stopping to breathe through them. Sometimes losing it, falling, even crying, and the frustration of it! Challenging myself to focus and commit, adapt and persevere. Discovering the combination of effort and ease. Feeling proud and productive. Trusting myself. Forgiving myself. Accepting and releasing whatever I may be holding on to too tightly. Loving myself for where I am and often envisioning where I want to go. Finding freedom and flow energetically.

It’s not an exercise for me; it’s a metaphor for life. It informs my awareness, my attitude, my approach, and my actions. I love its depth, lack of perfection and unending-ness. Simply put, it makes me feel good, even when it’s difficult. I crave that connection for my body, mind, and soul to live life more fully.

I teach Yoga because I want everyone to feel that connection - especially parents and kids. Serving yourself through yoga enables you to contribute to your own performance, health, and happiness. That radiates to your sphere of influence with family, friends, classmates, and co-workers. That positive impact can make the world a better place. I wish for that!

And the beauty is, it starts with you, and it ends with you. You have that power. Everyday. Every moment. It’s a huge responsibility and a fantastic opportunity! I love it.

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