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We’re Moms - Soft Celebrating

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Wow! I feel like I’m coming out of a holiday vortex. I basically logged off as of December 20 to get the holiday in order for my family because Christmas was coming — and I wasn’t ready!

I was struck by this viral video about what it means to be a mom at the holidays for young children. There is some forever deal about being a mom and taking on the magic of the season. I might like to cancel it, but like many moms, I haven’t figured out how to.

I truly enjoy the season, it’s so festive with lights, decorations and parties, combined with the baking, cooking and gifting it’s A LOT — in a short amount of time. Every year, I try to pace it better and every year, I still end up with at least one minor (or major) meltdown.

We’re moms:

  • tired
  • overwhelmed
  • exhausted
  • and by the time your kids are in college…burned out!

It all got done, on time. We enjoyed a lovely Christmas which is what we celebrate. It was sincerely joyful. My daughter really helped with the tree, cookies and cards and I’m so grateful. I’m also mindful of not passing all the holiday magic on to her.

I love this week before the New Year where I can reflect and reset. Next year, we’re soft celebrating. We’re going to discuss what our family loves most and we’re only doing that. We’re going to simplify and share the load so it’s not all on mom.

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