Reflections and Questions for the New Year

3 Rs and 5 Qs For The New Year

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We have a ritual called Hopes & Dreams where we take time to reflect on what we learned in the prior year and on what we want most in the New Year.

First, the reflections. Answer these 3 questions for 2023:

  1. What were the top three highlights?
  2. What were the best decisions you made?
  3. What were the biggest challenges — what did you learn and how did you grow as a result?

Now, the hopes and dreams for 2024:

  1. What do I want to make my life better?
  2. What truth am I avoiding?
  3. What rules can I break because they just don’t work for me?
  4. If I don’t change X habit(s), will my life be better or worse?
  5. What do I need to let go of?

*These questions are adapted from tips by Marie Forleo

Then, we state our wishes as if they’ve already come true! On December 31, 2024, I will confirm the following for myself:

  1. I experienced a year of excellent health and got into better shape than I EVER imagined.
  2. I helped more leaders increase their income and impact with children than ever before!
  3. I understand that taking big risks could have hurt or hindered me, but I had to go for it!
  4. I became a better listener, responding vs. reacting because “The power is in the pause.”
  5. I am proud of how I showed up for my family, friends, and my community — everyday.
  6. I was present with my parents while they are still alert and alive.
  7. My heart stayed open, compassionate, and trusting in all situations — even when it was HARD!
  8. I was stable and supportive of a friend who needed love.
  9. I made a conscious choice moment-to-moment to release thoughts, feel my feelings and let them GO.
  10. I allowed myself to feel happiness like never before!

I'd love to hear about your Hopes & Dreams. Oh, and you can learn the 3 strategies to make your wishes come true here.


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