MLK Jr. Values and Yoga for Kids

Top 3 MLK Jr. Values for Children

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Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy and values can translate to children of any age. Here are 3 simple ways kids can help keep his dreams and wisdom alive.

1. Peace. King sought equality and human rights for African Americans and all victims of injustice through peaceful protest. The top principle in yoga is ahimsa which is non-violence. With children, we translate that to kindness.

2. Courage. It takes strength to stand up for and voice what you believe in. In yoga, we Start From The Heart so we can connect within ourselves and with others. This is brave because many of us react impulsively and not always with heartfelt compassion.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

3. Leadership. Lead With Love. Everything is energy. Love is the highest vibration while fear is the lowest frequency. In yoga, we work to bring the energy up the central channel from the root to the highest point at the crown — to be sovereign.

Our values are: Love, Integrity, Growth, Freedom and Joy! We also inspire Generosity, Discipline, Flexibility and Balance. What do you stand for?

  • What words capture your deepest values and what matters most?
  • What values will you instill in your children? Which of these values are you already living in daily life?
  • Which do you aspire to inhabit more fully?

I have a dream that every child has access to yoga. If you’d like to learn more about how yoga can change your life at home and in the world, we begin on January 20.


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