10 Reasons to Get Kids Yoga Training Certification

Top 10 Reasons to Get Warrior Training

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If you live or work with kids, you need to be a warrior. Since kids don't come with instructions, we built a science-backed system so your on-the-job training is more satifying. Here's why kids yoga and mindfulness training can help you succeed in the hardest job in the world: raising healthier and happier children.

1 Mission: Unite body, mind and heart.

2 Goals: protect and promote children’s physical fitness & mental health.

3 Success skills: Adaptability. Resilience. Confidence! When you adapt, you become resilient. When you are resilient, you can handle anything. When you can handle anything, you are confident. Confidence is everything!

4 Areas of development:

  • Mental - focus
  • Emotional - regulation
  • Physical - strength, flexibility and balance
  • Spiritual - a higher power defined by you

High5 Habits for life:

  • Mindfulness - pay attention
  • Movement - exercise!
  • Meditation - be still with yourself
  • Mantra - train your mind
  • Manifesting magic - get what you want!

6 Senses engaged: Sight. Sound. Smell. Taste. Touch. Vibes - the ability to read energy and respond to it.

7 Energy centers in the body:

  • Safety - feel grounded
  • Creativity - experience joy
  • Power - have strength
  • Love - compassion for self and others
  • Voice - speak responsibly and kindly
  • Knowing - understanding oneself
  • Wonder - curiosity outside of self

8 Limbs of yoga:

  • Yama - 5 self disciplines
  • Niyama - 5 positive duties
  • Asana - Postures and movement (lots of it!)
  • Pranayama - Breath work
  • Pratyahara - Relax into peace
  • Dharana - Focused concentration
  • Dhyana - Meditation
  • Samadhi - Happiness. Bliss. Enlightenment.

Get to Cloud 9 reach to your highest height making money doing meaningful work that matters. Yoga helps you be your best! You can’t learn this essential skill set anywhere else.

10 Ways to be a game-changer in your life and in your community working with:

  • Families
  • Babies
  • Toddlers
  • Kids
  • Middle Schoolers
  • High School Teens
  • College students
  • Youth Sports Coaches
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Parents & Caregivers

Increase your income and your impact. Warrior training starts January 20, 2024.

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