Yoga helps turn hate to love

It’s All About The Hate, I Mean Love

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A first-of-its-kind FBI report revealed schools are the third most common location of hate crimes in the US. The agency reported more than 4,000 incidents between 2018 and 2022 — more than 60% took place at the preschool through 12th grade level.

The most common hate crimes included intimidation, vandalism, and assault. Black students faced most of the hate crimes at schools, followed by LGBTQIA+ and Jewish students.

How do we make our schools safer for all children? I venture to say it’s all about love and acceptance, resilience and confidence. We can learn all that in yoga.

Here’s how yoga in schools creates positive impact:

1. In-school and after school enrichment. The skills learned in yoga promote better wellbeing for all. We learn to accept ourselves and others which reduces intentional harm. The habits of mindfulness, movement, meditation and mantras help students manage their mindsets — and their actions — manifesting the magic of positivity.

2. Professional development for faculty and staff. Many schools have incorporated mindfulness lessons at school with varying results. The key is consistency and quality content. It’s just too easy for kids to mock some of these practices. Teaching educators the evidence-based exercises in a proven way for children is critical to the success of mindfulness at school.

3. Science + practical application = results. Teaching basic brain-science and the science of happiness is accessible to developing minds. When children understand how to become aware of their feelings, thoughts and actions, they can be responsible and accountable to them as well. Leaders need practical skills to zap negativity and promote optimism.

On Valentine’s Day, it’s easy and fun to share the love by passing candy and cards around the room. It’s not easy to be kind every day.

Typically, we act as a reflection of how we feel. If we want more love and less hate, we need to build that muscle within ourselves. That takes practical skills and practice. Come to yoga, we’ll show you how.

P.S. Learn and teach kids yoga and mindfulness and be a game-changer in your community.


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