Soft Jocks inspire Youth Athletes

Secrets Of The New Leaders

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It’s President’s week. Who are the leaders of today? What qualities to they embody? Leaders of today and tomorrow may be similar to the past, but with some key adaptations that can make growing up easier for youth.

Parents Are Leaders Children do what we do, not what we say. Co-regulation has become the parenting skill of the day. According to experts, maintaining an infectious state of calm is the single goal from which all other family aspirations can flow. Co-regulation refers to a caregiver managing their own emotional response when a child is upset, and modeling the composure they hope the child will eventually acquire.

Educators Are Leaders Connection determines successful outcomes at school. Connecting with students to achieve learning goals is the number one predictor of student-teacher success. This temporary, yet critical relationship, to achieve learning goals is essential for both parties to feel successful. If a student does not trust a teacher to help them meet their goals, they will actively sabotage the teacher making their life difficult every day!

Coaches are Leaders Soft Jocks are choosing to forgo alpha-maledom and instead embrace sensibilities their teammates might once have decried as “beta.” Safe coaching is essential for youth physical fitness and mental health. Coaches must understand the growing body, it’s risks and limitations and the developing mind in order to develop mental strength. Sports coaches have the power to build resilience and confidence like no other leader can.

Pediatric Professionals Are Leaders Holistic medicine combines modern medicine with ancient wellness practices. The best doctors understand that preventative medicine is the best medicine. Ensuring the basics of children’s health with better sleep, exercise, nutrition and emotional support are what grows healthier and happier kids into young capable and contributing adults.

Teenagers Are Leaders Teenagers are uniquely qualified leaders of young children. Their experience is so close compared to that of an adult. It’s relatable for teens to connect with younger children so both parties benefit. The kids look up to teens because they want to grow up (often too fast). Teens get to re-connect with their playful younger selves and feel a little more care-free. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Artists Are Leaders Music is a huge influence on youth. It’s great to see rapper Lil Jon is turning down his party vibe with a new guided meditation album. HIFI Labs is creating community-based modules to promote better mental health and greater resiliency among artists. And here’s a list of the mindful side of hip-hop.

Yogis Are Leaders If you practice yoga you know what it does for your body, mind and heart. You know how it affects your life. You know how you want everyone else (especially teenagers) to experience the same benefits. If you want to transform children’s lives, check out our 8-day leadership and professional development course to learn and teach the High5 Habits that lead to healthier and happier lives.

Leadership is a predictor of success. How we lead our lives every day means we are responsible for our choices, decisions and outcomes. Wise leaders know the future is comprised of strength and compassion, understanding multiple perspectives and creating systematic change from that place. We can learn these skills in yoga. It transfers the success skills of adaptability, resilience and confidence from the mat into everyday life.


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